From the Lay Leader

Opportunities to Serve—Prayer

We as Christians are faced with trying to survive in a busy world of work, children,
grandchildren, and multitudes of non-church activities, while also trying to maintain a close
relationship with God and our commitment to Jesus Christ.  There are so many opportunities
to serve Christ but unfortunately, many of those opportunities demand more time than we
may be able to commit.  There is, however, one way to stay in touch with God that we can
work into our daily schedules with ease—prayer.
For many Christians, prayer is second nature, a part of everyday life, but a rich prayer life
has to be learned and cultivated.  Perhaps you are new to the faith, or you have felt awkward
about praying.  There is no better place to learn how to be comfortable with prayer than in a
friendly and nurturing environment.  Pastor Steve and FUMC will begin offering a prayer
group on one Wednesday evening per month at 6:30 pm, following the Wednesday night
Although the prayer group will take a small amount of your time in the beginning, the
relationship that you will build with God will enrich your life forever.  

Janice Levi
Lay Leader